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To The Girls Of Summer…

To The Girls Of Summer…

September 2, 2016

By Carol Wright

To The Girls of Summer…….

EEK!!! Is my typical response to seeing September 1st  on my calendar page.  I am immediately remorseful for having failed to take advantage of every single drop of sunshine and beachiness that was so generously offered up this summer.  I fast forward on my chord of anxiety as I worry over the long daylight hours rapidly fading into early dusks and consider ripening pumpkins and decorative kale on doorsteps accompanied by offers of hot mulled cider from considerate friends.  EEK!!! AGAIN!!!

So girls, we need to remind ourselves that the calendar emphatically states that there are another three full weeks of summer in front of us.   Many of those dates will dawn with the soft blue above quickly deepening into crystalline blue skies and morning chills will give way to temps that beckon us to get in front of some saltwater.   The bogs may begin to redden and our hummingbirds will head south this month but there is still time to savor the special joys of summer, even if there are school buses on the road ahead as you guide your car to your favorite spot in the sand.  Let’s remember the popular refrain, “September is the most beautiful month on the Cape, the best weather with summer warmed waters” and let’s enjoy it to the hilt!  Keep those flipflops close by; turn away from fashionable boots, there will be time (plenty) for them in the months ahead.

Wandering through Oceana, you can spot a few plush pumpkins tucked here and there fragrance of Frasier fir is in the air.   There is a new crop of 2017 calendars filled with stunning visual reminders of why we love the Cape.   But prior to pushing any panic buttons, do those toenails once again and let all of us girls of summer remind ourselves that we are still celebrating summer here on our beloved sandy peninsula.

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