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The Oceana butterfly garden is doing a little rain dance…

The Oceana butterfly garden is doing a little rain dance…

By Carol Wright

August 18, 2016

The Oceana butterfly garden is doing a little rain dance, hoping that some drops may come its way and help lift it from its parched and limp minded state.  The heat has been ferocious!  People are hiding inside with air conditioning or employing  “feet in the waves tactics”, but the poor stationary gardens are waiting, waiting to feel the wet tickle and trickle along their leaves and into their roots.  The Russian Sage beds continue to thrive as they like hot and heavy weather, but their neighbor flowers here in the Oceana beds are feeling cowed by the heat.Oceana Garden

Inside our shoppers lollygag a bit longer than usual, not in urgent mode to get out and go; they linger longer over our jewelry and new clothing offerings and are all too happy to wait while we gift wrap their selections.  Is it the new scents we are offering that keep them contentedly browsing, or really, is it our air conditioning?!!

Here is a brave hibiscus—too lovely to hide, photographed this morning, feeling like showing off its amazing color.

Call it pink or mauve, magenta or ?  What lovely name shall we give to this gorgeous color?

When you visit Oceana, find a moment to enjoy our gardens, and if the heat wave continues,  join us in our fantasies of an overnight  gentle rainfall that restores the blossoms and …..Us!

1 Comment
  • Sue Brady
    August 22, 2016

    I’m glad I am not the only one feeling a little wilted. Last nights rain did add an air of freshness to both 2 legged, 4 legged and stemmed alike. If it would just rain on us every night!!!!
    Thank you for your observations!

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