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Sea Snow

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Have you ever wondered what a snowy day on Cape Cod Looks Like?  This special & beautiful book will show you!

“When will this snow come?” asks Bailey, as Skye whispers a true wish. Come and enjoy what happens. Stay and feel the cold outside and the warmth inside during Bailey and Skye’s memorable night and day magic of SEA SNOW. Share the children’s journey with enchanting, original art from the celebrated and award-winning watercolorist, Susanne Discenza Frueh. Catch the spirit of this special place as you read the lyrical story of SEA SNOW, a collaboration from mother-daughter writing team Leslie Lanou Bigoness and Lindsay Meade Bigoness as they relate their pictures, with words.



SKU: AB-CROSS-CUFF-2Tone Categories: , , , , Tags: , , ,
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Hardcover. Witten by Leslie Lanou Bigones & Lindsay Meade Bigoness with illustrations by Susanne Discenza Frueh.


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